Boat Nanny, Inc. is a locally owned, Newport based, Rhode Island corporation dedicated to keeping boats beautiful.

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mail: P.O. Box 1238, Newport, RI 02840



Boat Nanny is committed to our local community, our enivornment, our crew members and our clients. We believe in fair work for fair pay, sunshine & cool breezes, that doing the right thing is always correct, use the simplest method first and that boats are meant to be loved & enjoyed.

Commitment to Narragansett Bay Region

Narragansett Bay is our home and we share it with many wonderful creatures. It is a unique place to live, work and play. Sometimes we don't realize the affect this activity has. Boat Nanny does everything possible to lessen it's impact. We use the gentlest, simplest cleaning methods possible to complete a job - often substituting more elbow grease for harsh chemicals. Boat Nanny recycles and uses recycled products. We make sure everything is disposed of properly. These are small steps but they add up.

We also give back by supporting two wonderful organizations:

Sail Newport

Save the Bay

Want to join the Boat Nanny crew?

We are always looking for adventurous souls who love boats, hard work and big fun. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

Spend Your Time on the Water - Not on Boat Chores

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P.O. Box 1238

Newport, RI 02840

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